The Chilean pork industry, as a result of a policy of opening up to the world economy three decades ago, has focused on developing products aimed at the most demanding foreign markets, such as: the European Union, Japan, China, and South Korea.

Today, this allows the Chilean pork industry to be globally recognized as a world-class industry, which makes products under the highest standards of safety, health, and biosecurity.

Today, pork is Chile’s most exported meat, and in 2020 the country solidified its position as the sixth major exporter of this product worldwide, surpassed only by great powers such as the European Union, the United States, Canada, Brazil, and Mexico according to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) ranking.

In addition, the meat industry is positioned as the fourth largest food exporting sector in Chile, with pork accounting for 62%. This sector’s commitment is to maintain this competitive advantage and continue to advance in efficiency and productivity according to the global demands, as well as in sustainability issues.

The Chilean pork sector is authorized to export to more than 30 markets, and today its primary destination is China, followed by Japan and South Korea.

These three countries represent more than 90% of Chile's pork exports. Each pork exporting company has control over its entire production chain, from feed-producing plants, animal production areas, slaughtering and related processes, logistics, and marketing of each product, to finally reach customers and consumers with healthy, safe, and 100% traceable foods.

The pork exporting industry has always worked alongside each target market to develop products that respond to the requirements and needs of consumers. In the case of Japan and South Korea, consumers prefer high-value Chilean pork cuts such as loin, belly, shoulder, tenderloin, and ribs. In the case of China, they use and take advantage of each and every cut. Part of the requirements of international markets has to do with being a sustainable industry that cares about the environment, animal welfare, and the communities surrounding their facilities. These attributes are becoming more and more relevant when it comes to the purchase decision of a consumer who is getting more informed by the day.

Every year, our pork’s attributes and origin are promoted in various Asian countries in events framed under the recognized sector brand “ChilePork,” which includes all Chilean pork exporting companies and helps to continue positioning and consolidating Chile as a leading food exporting country, which provides quality and safety assurance.

All this evolution in the industry is made under the framework of sustainability and its focus is on making all production processes increasingly efficient. By doing so, pork producing companies have made progress with various projects that take advantage of resources and reduce emissions by using advanced treatment systems.

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